Girls Alma Track & Field Trophy

The Zion girls and boys competed in the Alma Junior High Track Meet on April 12th.  The girls won the meet (Zion’s first ever meet win) and the boys took 6th place.  Congratulations coaches and team!  Soli Deo Gloria! To God alone be the glory!

Below are the full player results: 

Top 15


100M Dash (38 Runners – girls)

Jamie Wilkens 1st place (PR of 14.12)

Sara Bonsall tied for 8th Place (PR of 14.86)


200M Dash (41 Runners – girls | 41 Runners—boys)

Sara Bonsall 5th Place (PR of 31.97)

Hannah Torres 9th place (PR of 32.36)

Miriam Gaunt 12th place (PR of 32.76)

Elijah Torres 8th place


400M Dash (33 Runners – girls | 33 Runners—boys)

Blaire May 1st place

Hannah Torres 14th Place

Elijah Torres 5th Place (PR of 1:02.63)

Cooper Young 14th place (PR of 1:10.00)


800M Run (20 Runners – girls | 29 Runners—boys)

Grace Burger 1st Place (PR of 2:35.70)

Scarlett Bragg 13th Place

Colton Zehendner 2nd Place (PR of 2:32.36)

Elijah Boykin 5th Place (PR of 2:38.11)

Stephen Anderson 6th Place (PR of 2:38.65)


1600M Run (12 Runners – girls | 21 Runners—boys)

Selah Carson 1st Place (PR of 6:12.76)

Scarlett Bragg 10th Place (PR of 7:45.73)

Colton Zehendner 2nd Place (PR of 5:52.17)

Stephen Anderson 4th Place (PR of 5:59.28)


100M Hurdles (7 Runners – girls | 8 Runners—boys)

Jamie Wilkens 1st place

Bailey Helmbrecht 5th place

Sterling Hollman 4th Place (PR of 18.27)


200M Hurdles (13 Runners – girls | 13 Runners—boys)

Jamie Wilkens 1st place

Bailey Helmbrecht 2nd place

Lena Wilterding 11th Place

Sterling Hollman 6th Place


4x1 Relay (12 girl teams | 11 boy teams)

Hannah Torres, Bailey Helmbrecht, Selah Carson, Jamie Wilkens 1st place.

Cooper Young, Colton Larson, Sterling Hollman, Asher Splittgerber 6th place.


4x4 Relay (9 girl teams | 10 boy teams)

Selah Carson, Grace Burger, Miriam Gaunt, Blaire May 1st place.

Elijah Boykin, Stephen Anderson, Colton Zehendner, Elijah Torres 4th place.


Long Jump (38 girls | 35 boys)

Grace Burger 1st Place (PR of 15-02.50)

Blaire May 3rd Place (PR of 13-11)

Miriam Gaunt 15th place

Sterling Hollman 10th place (PR of 14-00.50)

Asher Splittgerber 15th Place


High Jump (13 girl | 19 boy)

Sara Bonsall 4th place (PR of 4’0”)

Elijah Boykin 6th Place


Shot Put (44 boys)

Landon Eckhoff 2nd place (PR of 38’10.5)

Eric Noyes 8th place


Discus (45 boys) | (35 girls)

Bailey Helmbrecht 11th Place

Colton Larson 3rd place

Landon Eckhoff 7th place

Eric Noyes 10th place

Nolan Larson 11th place