Pie Sale

The time has come to start our annual fall fundraiser.  To order, you can talk to any Zion student or order online.  Order forms and all money is due in the office October 30th or all online orders must be submitted by October 30th at 3:30 pm.  More forms are available in the office.

Click here to order and pay for pies online.  There is a spot to enter student names so that they are able to receive credit for online orders.

We have eight different varieties of pies available.  Our apple, blueberry, cherry, peach, and strawberry rhubarb pies will be made by The Village Pie Makers.  They are a well-known company that makes high quality pies.   We also have pumpkin, pecan, and caramel apple nut pies from Chef Pierre.  They are a Sara Lee restaurant quality pie. 

Pies will be picked up by students' families on November 18th and delivered as soon as possible.  Call 308-234-3410 or email zionkearney@hotmail.com with questions.