State Fair Field Trip

Due to wet conditions, the public parking lots at the State Fair are closed.  We have been unable to discuss options with our contact at the Fair.  Here are our options (with the final decision to be made prior to departure tomorrow morning).

Plan A:  Students can be dropped off at the main ticket gate - where the teacher will be waiting for them.  Drivers will need to find parking at one of the designated shuttle locations and join the class when they can.

Plan B:  In the event the Plan A is not viable, each class will proceed to one of the various offsite options (since the shuttle arrives once each hour - we don't want to risk overfilling the shuttle and some groups having to wait more than an hour.

We will continue to try to make contact with officials at the fair who can help us in our unique situation.  Thank your patience and flexibility as we try to figure this out.

REMINDER:  Students are to wear their navy Zion polo.  Jeans will be permitted due to the ag-related nature of the day.