It’s no secret that as society advances, students must become adept at using the blessing of technology to their educational advantage. The technology programs at Zion are designed to do just that. We strive to stay abreast of the current and upcoming technology, and incorporate it appropriately into the educational process.

TEC 21
Starting in 2015, Zion has had one teacher annually participate in a year-long class on classroom technology. They will attend regular workshops throughout the year where they will work with colleagues to discover, train, and implement innovative technologies that work in the classroom. Each month, the trainee will report back to the staff and share highlights and applications that the rest of the staff can use in their classrooms. Go to TEC 21for more information!

SMART Boards
Thanks to the fundraising efforts of the PTL, all K-8 classrooms employ SMART Board technology. The SMART Board interactive whiteboard is a touch-sensitive display that connects to the teacher’s computer and digital projector. Using a finger, the teacher can control computer applications, write notes, pull up charts and images, search the Internet, play videos and save work. The SMART Board interactive whiteboard has the flexibility to engage all learning styles.

Visual learners can easily see colorful, movable images and diagrams that the interactive whiteboard displays, even from the back of the classroom. Kinesthetic learners can interact and explore by moving letters, numbers, words and pictures with the touch of a finger. Auditory learners can be immersed in a complete multimedia experience using optional USB speakers or SMART Audio.

Mobile Computer Lab
As Zion continues to grow, we have converted the old computer lab into the new 1st grade classroom. We have been preparing for this and our lab is now mobile. We keep a cart of excellent, networked laptops up-to-date. Students use laptops for MAP testing, word processing, power point creation, homework supplements (e.g. Spelling City), and the like. For the 2019-2020 year, we will be incorporating chromebooks the program.

Sycamore Education
All parents and students can monitor accounts and grades through Sycamore, our school management system. Access here at Sycamore Education. If you have lost your login information for your family’s Sycamore Account, please contact the school office.