At Zion we try to limit the number of fundraisers that our students are asked to participate in.  Occasionally specific classrooms and sports teams may do a special fundraiser for a project, but whole school fundraisers are limited to the following:

1) Fall Pie Sale.  This usually runs through October so pies can be picked up and delivered in time for the holidays. 

2) PEACE Auction and Dinner.  This March fundraiser requires no selling, rather classrooms often contribute to a class auction time. Parents are encouraged to help with the set-up and acquisition of donations, and are especially encouraged to buy tickets to attend the special dinner. Its a wonderful night to support the gift of Christian education.  If you haven't attended, try to come this year!

3) Plant Sales. Almost everyone has the urge to plant flowers in the spring! That's what makes this fundraiser such an easy one and a fun one! Students solicit preorders through March and the sale is always towards the end of April.