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Fine Arts


Martin Luther, credited as a genius and one of the most influential figures in the history of the Western world, praised music as one of highest of gifts given to man by God.  At Zion, we agree!

The inclusion of music into the curriculum has been shown in many academic studies to raise test scores in other disciplines, especially mathematics.   Zion Lutheran School of Kearney offers a variety of music opportunities for its students.  All students in the Kindergarten through eighth grades have music class three times a week.  All students also sing in the school choir.  For more information about some of the benefits of music education, read the following article “12 Benefits of Music Education”.

Students in the 5th through 8th grades have the option of participation in the school band.  Students can learn the instrument of their choice and learn the basics of instrumental play.  Students who take all four years of band are well prepared for the different music programs offered in high school.

Our music instructor, Mrs. Lorraine Heiden, has taught music at Zion for over 20 years!  She is also employed by the Kearney Public School system and is an itinerant teacher for them as well.  We are blessed to have her.  See the faculty page to learn more about her!


Art, like music, is truly a gift from God.  At Zion we feel that art instruction is essential to our school curricula and is instrumental in developing the whole child of God.  Art is a discipline that develops skills that will benefit the student in a multitude of future careers.  At Zion, art is valued!  The early childhood programs, especially, incorporate art daily in their work.

Zion has also just received a special grant called ‘Picturing America’.  This grant will facilitate the greater inclusion of art history into the social studies curriculum.