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Scholar Bowl

Each year six Lutheran schools in south central Nebraska meet to engage in academic competition.  Zion Kearney competes annually against Zion Hastings, Zion Worms, Hampton Lutheran, Christ Juniata, and Immanuel Polk.  Teams representing each school in grades 5, 6, 7, and 8 compete for the prize – plaques that the winners get their names engraved on for posterity.  At the end of a 12 year cycle, the school with the most wins keeps the trophy.  How long this tradition has been in place, this author does not know.  But Zion Kearney currently has three plaques in its possession: two permanently and one that we keep as long as our students earn the right to keep it.

Zion Kearney has a proud tradition of academic prowess.  While records have not been kept aside from the rotating trophies, Mr. Splittgerber is in the process of tracking down past Zion wins in this great event. 

Zion Kearney’s 5th Grade Scholar Bowl Winners

D. Anderson
D. Archwamety
M. Bartlett
M. Boell
R. Fortney
Justin Harp

Sara Fattig
H. Larsen
R. Margritz
J. Weber

E. Fitch
K. Larsen
R. Miller
A. Welliver

J. Baye
Eric Fattig
Chris Nuttleman
D. Slawski

M. Burger
Jared Nuttleman
S. Rozema
J. Slawski

M. Baye
S. Icenogle
W. Kuhlhanek
A. Larsen
Mark Suleiman
E. Voss
Chelsea Wollberg

Erica Arkle
Alyssa Burchell
Tyler Kaufman
E. Kulhanek
A. Richard
T. Wright

Victoria Crow
Brett James
R. Johnson
Peter Kreutzer
S. Omtvedt

Abigail DeLoach (4th)
Brendan Ingram
Noah Journey
Jesse Osnes

Abigail DeLoach
Madisen Eckhoff
Riston Mais
Cody Willers

Zion Kearney’s 6th Grade Winners

D. Anderson
D. Archwamety
B. Brown
R. Fortney
Justin Harp
M. Richter

Nathan Bliss
K. Kahle
M. McBride
D. Tietz

Eric Fattig
L. Hansen
R. Heuer
C. Nuttleman

Zion Kearney’s 7th & 8th Grade Winners

* Zion did not begin its middle level program until 1999.  While Zion has had multiple winners in these grades, these trophies are currently in the possession of other schools at this time.

Scholar Bowl 2008