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Further Reading

  1. Mr. Splittgerber did a thorough study on classical education in his graduate studies at Concordia University of Nebraska and has written a brief journal article on it for the CCLE Journal.  Those interested in how achievement differs between classical and non-classical schools may find this research intriguing.  The research also provides a thorough grounding in the history of the curriculum and other related literature.  Follow the link to read the document as a pdf. Splittgerber.classicalresearch.spring2010 
  2.  A shorter treatment of Mr. Splittgerber’s research was published in a recent edition of the Classical Lutheran Education Journal.  Follow this link to read more condensed version:
  3.  The Consortium of Classical Lutheran Schools, or CCLE, also has a website that offers more valuable information for those seeking to learn more about classical education.
  4. Gymnasia &  A Classical Christian Education by Brent Harken, Veritas Press, July 2012