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Zion Lutheran School has a strong record of academic achievement. Many people often ask how the curriculum of a Lutheran school differs from curricula of other public and private institutions. Our students receive a rigorous education in all subjects and the results are evident in our achievement test scores.  One subject that Zion offers for students in grades 3 and above is Latin.  But what really sets our curriculum apart from others is the philosophical framework that underlies all teaching at Zion, which follows a classical model of education. Find more about these topics and more under the curriculum link:

Zion’s Educational Philosophy

The Classical Model of Education

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We provide a Christ-centered education for our students. This means that Christian values, truths, and ethics are incorporated regularly and intentionally into secular subject matter. By incorporating Christ into the curriculum, students receive a life-changing spiritual and character-building education. Students leave Zion grounded in a firm faith and are prepared for the challenges of life, knowing that Jesus is their savior and that he will be with them always. This is education for eternity! A Christ-centered education helps build faith, hope, and love – intangible qualities that make life living in this fallen world.

We try very hard to maintain a culture of family at Zion Lutheran School of Kearney. Such a culture helps facilitate learning and academic growth. The links below will further illustrate that we do provide the education we say we do.

The Nation’s Report Card: see how Lutheran schools compare to all other schools – public and private.

2012-2013 Achievement Test Results 

2013-2014 Achievement Test Results

2014-2015 Achievement Test Results

2015-2016 Achievement Test Results