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The resources provided on this page contain a wealth of information and services. Students and parents will find the online gradebook and Spelling City especially useful. Families will be provided with the necessary login information (if you lost that information – ask your teacher). For those of you unfamiliar with the LCMS, we encourage you to learn more about our synod as well as its affiliated organizations and programs.

Educational Resources:

Spelling City

Spelling City is a great website to help students learn their spelling words.  Students can find their class spelling lists and do all sorts of fun activities to help them learn their words.  Our teachers are just beginning to utilize this resource so please be patient until all lists are uploaded to the site.  If you can’t find your spelling list, no problem – just write in the words and Spelling City will create games, activities, and practice tests for you!  Check it out and use this resource.  You’ll be glad you did!

National Center for Education Statistics

This site contains the full report of the government agency that regularly review and assesses the schools throughout the nation. It’s a bit tricky to navigate but one can see how Lutheran schools compare academically to all other schools in the nation. Check it out or go our own summary here.

Lutheran Resources:

Lutheran Church
This is the comprehensive site that contains all the information one would ever want to know about the Lutheran Church –Missouri Synod. One can access other Lutheran websites and find church workers, other Lutheran support organizations, missionaries, et cetera.

Lutheran Church

This is the website for one of the eight LCMS universities located throughout the country. The majority of our staff has either graduated or taken colloquy classes through Concordia. Concordia is renowned for its education program and is a leader in the training of church workers.

Camp Luther of Nebraska

Camp Luther is a Lutheran camp that offers many Christian outdoor programs. The camp offers many excellent summer camps. Parents rest assured that their children are in a safe, caring, and Christian atmosphere. Many parents comment on the spiritual growth and maturity that their child comes away with after a week at camp. Camp Luther is a true blessing to our children.

Miscellaneous Resources

French Toast is a popular uniform company that many parents utilize at Zion.  To find products that fit Zion’s dress code, enter the following source code: QS45UQN.  This will give you access to a catalog tailored to Zion students.  Purchasing items from French Toast does benefit Zion as we do recieve money back from purchases (so it can be considered a fundraising activity as well).  An added bonus is that once parents have created an account with French Toast, they recieve frequent notice of clothing sales on significantly marked down items.  French Toast is worth checking out!


Zion Lutheran is a partner school with the University of Nebraska at Kearney. Education students regularly observe and visit our school. UNK physical education students also teach the P.E. classes at Zion.


Zion Lutheran and the University of Nebraska Medical Center have entered into a partnership. Zion will serve as a clinical nursing site for upper level nursing students. The designated staff and students will help ensure the best in student health.


This site will have current local weather and information on school closings.